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Case File: Death and Doughnuts

Case File: Death and Doughnuts
Bread rises. Corpses don't.

Detective Jack Edgewood deconstructs a mystery.

🌒 Greetings from Jack Edgewood, Enchanted Springs' Own Vampire Detective

Fellow night-dwellers and day-walkers of Enchanted Springs, it's Detective Jack Edgewood here, with a tale that unraveled under the most unusual circumstances. I bring you a story of mystery, pastries, and an unexpected turn of events at The Enchanted Oven Bakery.

🍩 "Death and Doughnuts" - A Mini-Mystery Unveiled

Death and Doughnuts is a mini-mystery that began with a peaceful morning disrupted by a shocking discovery.

🔍 The Case Synopsis

I was on the case in a flash, as soon as I got a call from Clara Montgomery about a body behind her Enchanted Oven bakery. The witnesses each had a story to tell, but I was able to catch the killer.

From Fred Samson's morning ritual to Doris McGovern's chatter and Kate's panicked discovery, every character played a role in unraveling the mystery.

🔎 Inside the Mystery

A day that started with the aroma of cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies took a dark turn when a dead body was found by the dumpster. As the detective on the case, I had to sift through clues and witness accounts to uncover the truth behind Cliff Jenkins' untimely demise.

🌟 Special Features in the Story

  • Interactive Clues: As you read, you'll find clues hidden within the narrative. Can you solve the mystery before I do?
  • Character Cameos: Keep an eye out for familiar faces from Enchanted Springs making appearances.
  • A Glimpse into the Paranormal: Beyond the mystery, the story delves into the supernatural elements that make our town unique.

🥐 "Death and Doughnuts" - A Tale from The Enchanted Oven

Until we meet again, remember that every shadow has a story, and every sunrise brings a resolution. 🌘

Until Our Paths Cross in the Moonlight...

Stay vigilant, fellow night owls. There's always more lurking in the shadows of Enchanted Springs, and I'll be there to bring it to light. Happy reading, and remember - not all mysteries are as they appear. Keep your wits sharp and your senses alert.

In the spirit of mystery,
Jack Edgewood
Enchanted Springs' Vampire Detective