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Five Questions in Five Minutes

Five Questions in Five Minutes

An interview with Cielle Kenner

1: How did you come up with the idea for Enchanted Springs and your time-traveling witch, Marley Montgomery?

Enchanted Springs was born out of my love for small-town mysteries and the magical unknown. I was inspired by my real-life hometown in Central Florida, and wanted to infuse it with a fantastical twist. As for Marley, I wanted a character who could explore history with a magical flair. She's independent and curious, and her witchy time-traveling abilities opened up endless possibilities for storytelling.

2: Can you tell us about your writing process, especially how you incorporate dialogue, sensory detail, and description into your books?

My writing process involves immersing myself in Marley's world. I focus on creating lively dialogues that feel natural and help the characters come to life. The sensory details are equally vital to transport readers to Enchanted Springs, whether it's the scent of old antiques or a stroll down the town's historic Main Street. Building this rich, tangible environment is key to my storytelling.

3: How do you strike a balance between the paranormal elements and the cozy, small-town feel in your novels?

Striking that balance is like crafting a magical potion! The cozy charm of Enchanted Springs provides a comforting backdrop, while the paranormal elements add intrigue and excitement. I ensure that the magical aspects are woven naturally into the town's fabric, making them feel as everyday as Grandma Clara's bakery or Marley's Enchanted Antique Shop.

4: What's it like writing from Marley's first-person point of view, and how has her character evolved throughout the series?

Writing from Marley's perspective has been an intimate and rewarding experience. I've gotten to know her deeply, sharing her discoveries, joys, and challenges. As the series has progressed, Marley's grown more confident in her abilities, learning from her experiences as a time-traveling witch. Her evolution mirrors the journey many of us go through in finding our unique paths.

5: Your readers are intrigued by the time-travel portal in the Enchanted Antique Shop. Can you share any insights into this unique feature?

The time-travel portal really is one of the highlights of the series! I love imagining what it would be like to step into the storage room on an ordinary day in the present, and step out into the past. I had a lot of fun realizing that Marley, as the shop's proprietor, could find period clothing in the shop. I also like that she could also get petty cash from the register, so she could buy what she needs during any period of history.