Cielle Kenner is the mastermind behind the magical cozy mysteries that unfold in the whimsical town of Enchanted Springs, Florida—a perfectly normal paranormal village. Nestled within its borders, time-traveling witches cast spells, spirited ghosts share stories from beyond, vampire detectives take a bite out of crime, and feisty old women sprinkle their wisdom amidst the charming chaos.

When she’s not weaving tales of enchantment, Cielle finds inspiration in red wine, baked potatoes, and gently haunted antique shops. It’s in these intriguing spaces that she finds the threads of mysteries and magic that she expertly weaves into her narratives.

With Cielle’s captivating stories and her penchant for the extraordinary, readers are invited to explore the realms of mystery and enchantment. Join her on a journey to Enchanted Springs, where the ordinary is extraordinary, and prepare to be spellbound by her bewitching narratives.

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